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Club Ohio Soccer

What is Club Ohio Soccer? Club Ohio Soccer, Inc. (“Club Ohio”), formerly Team Ohio FC, was established in 1997 in Dublin, Ohio! They are one of only 45 Nike sponsored SuperClubs in the United States! Since their inception, they have grown outside of the Dublin area and established strong affiliate locations in Dayton, Gahanna, Springfield, and Marietta! As of January 2020, Club Ohio has over 1,200 boy and girl players, ranging from ages 7 to 19, and approximately 100 teams! Additionally, Club Ohio has over 70 coaches on staff!

Club Ohio Soccer’s Mission:

Our mission is to cultivate the best environment to promote and enhance player development by providing our players with high-level training and programming.  Club Ohio’s dedicated and highly qualified coaching staff utilizes a variety of strategies, training methods, and resources to promote desired player outcomes in a positive and growth-focused manner.

How to Join Club Ohio Soccer

Topline Fitness

What is Topline Fitness? Topline Fitness is a football position specific training program! Athletes are trained in perfecting their hand-to-eye coordination, timing, routes, speed and agility, and more!


  • Increased stamina
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Increased speed and agility
  • Improved balance and coordination

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