Mark Keane

Lead Swim Instructor

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How I Got Started…

I taught my first swim lesson at the age of 17! My first student was a little girl, and she was crying as she and her mother approached the pool hand-in-hand. She was terrified of the water! It took some time, but I managed to get her comfortable and complete the lesson. However, at the end of the lesson she began to cry again. This time, her tears were because she didn’t want to leave the pool! Two things were realized that day. One…she loved the water, and two…I was “hooked” on teaching!

  • Teaches ages 3 & up
  • Large groups & 1-on-1
  • Experience with special needs
More About Me
  • Head Swim Coach for the Ward YMCA Marlins
  • Lead swim instructor of the National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) at the Ohio State University from ’98 – ’01
  • Former Red Cross Instructor & Trainer
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